Roofing Systems

New Belle Construction has over 37 years of experience retrofitting roofs. If you need a low maintenance, well-engineered and long-term solution for your building, we are proud to provide a number of options to best fit your facility.

Our team will work with you to determine what Butler? roof system best meets your project budget without sacrificing durability -which means you’ll have a custom solution that results in years of savings!

New Belle Constructions offers a variety of options when it comes to roof systems through Butler?:

  • The MR-24??Standing Seam Roof System

The industry’s #1 standing-seam roof system has proven in-place performance of 40+ years. This is an Energy Star rated roof system that has green-building properties which makes it recyclable and energy efficient. With this option, you can retrofit right over an existing metal or conventional roof.

  • The VSR II™?Roof System?

This system is a versatile standing-seam roof system which is ideal for architectural applications that provides a flexible solution for even the most complex roof designs. This roof system flexes with seasonal temperature changes – expanding and contracting without sacrificing efficacy.

  • The Butlerib II Roof System?

The industry’s best through-fastened roof system used for retrofitting over a conventional roof system. This attractive roof provides an economical, weather-tight solution for a variety of industrial and commercial buildings.

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Additional Efficiencies for Your Roofing:

At New Belle Construction we believe in maximizing your facilities’ performance and providing the utmost energy efficient solutions for all of our customers. Additional, long-term cost savings can be achieved through roof system enhancements like the Thermaliner Insulation System.

  • Thermaliner™?Insulation System
    With the Termaliner system, you maximize the energy efficiency of your roofing, saving hundreds on your building’s heating and cooling costs. In addition, you get the added benefit of a reduction in noise transmission providing an interior space that is quieter and more productive. This system provides a finished look to your building’s interior and can be painted or left unpainted to match your space.

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