Valley Tire - Southpointe

Site Development and Multi-Building Construction

Valley Tire performs auto service work on vehicles ranging from sports cars and family sedans to trucks and large commercial vehicles. They also specialize in repairs for trucks and trailers. Due to the nature of their business, visibility of their facilities was a key element in their growth strategy.

New Belle Construction developed eight acres of land for their new location along a heavily trafficked interstate. This site is now home to a 39,4000 square foot warehouse, a 5,600 square foot office and a 12,000 square foot truck service facility.


The new 39,400 square foot warehouse, complete with four dock doors, accommodates the need for additional space with the increase in Valley Tire’s growing inventory need. One of the unique requirements for this space was a specialized sprinkler system designed specifically for this warehouse and its inventory – including the highly flammable rubber tires. New Belle worked with Sprinkler System Company to ensure the system met the fire code but also exceeded expectations. By thinking through different demands for the system based on the inventory housed beneath it, the team was able to ensure maximum safety for employees and structure, minimized risk to inventory and prevent facility-wide water damage during a localized issue.


Valley Tire’s 5,600 square foot office space features a large customer service area, driver/carrier lounge area, and above the offices sits a large, second-floor concrete mezzanine, for storage.

Truck Service Facility

The Truck and Heavy Equipment Service Facility, features 12,000 square feet of space. Within the facility there are two lifts and six drive-thru bays for service needs. Service facilities with this type of volume can be difficult to heat due to large amounts of air infiltration with the service doors opening and closing. New Belle’s in house HVAC contractor designed and incorporated radiant heat in the floor slab with waste oil boilers serving as the heating source. This ensured maximum comfort and safety for the team within the service facility. In addition, the floor heating system helps to dry floors that need frequent mopping.


Valley Tire – Southpointe

100 Progress Lane

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania 15317

Washington County


  • 39,400 square foot warehouse with specialized sprinkler system

  • 5,600 square foot office with a concrete second-floor storage mezzanine

  • 12,000 square foot truck service facility featuring 2 lifts, 6 drive-thru bays and radiant heat in the floor slab

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