Tech Met, Inc.

Re-Roofing System, Interior Renovation, and Exterior Facelift

Tech Met provides chemical milling for government agencies, aerospace, medical, military and commercial markets. They were experiencing rapid growth and were quickly running out of room. They decided to purchase a building in order to meet market demands and continue to grow their operation.

New Belle Construction was contracted to bring this new facility in to working order through massive, necessary renovations. The property was desperately in need of an internal revamp, an external facelift, as well as a new roof.

The industrial property had a major issue at purchase – a flat roof system that constantly leaked. Taking into account local weather, as well as a number of other factors, New Belle Construction installed the Butler Build-up System to provide Tech Met with a MR-24 standing seam roof with a slope. This ensured that the manufacturer had a long-term, weathertight roofing solution that also minimized downtime of the operation. This system was installed over 86,000 square feet of an existing synthetic rubber roof system. In addition, New Belle repainted the exterior of the structure and renovated the interior of the facility, all to ensure the team had a fresh, on brand and efficient work space.


Tech Met, Inc.

79 East 8th Street

Donora, Pennsylvania 15033

Washington County


  • 86,000 sq ft re-roofing system

  • Butler Build-up System

  • MR-24 Standing Seam Sloped Roof

  • Exterior Painting

  • Interior Remodel

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